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In Scryptic many words have an intrinsic value that may help or hinder the expansion of your army depending on the classification of the word in our dictionary. There are four special connotations for words: attacking, defending, sneaking and burning. The effect of the words depends on the connotation, i.e. "kill" has an attacking connotation and adds to the words attack strength in a fight, while "fortify" has a defensive connotation, bolstering their defence. "Escape" has both a sneaking and defensive connotation and can assist a player in both attacking or defending. "Fire" has a burning connotation and will help clear forest for your armies to move through.

If you have discovered a word that has not been given any attacking, defending, sneaking or burning connotation, or if you feel the connotation is currently incorrect, please help us to improve by submitting these words in the feedback form below.

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