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Inspiration: Scrabble, Words with Friends, XBattle

Game Description:

Scryptic seeks to combine a crossword-style word game (such as Scrabble) with an abstract strategy game (such as XBattle). It is a two-player game in which players take turns to build separate crosswords on a gridded board. When player’s crosswords come into contact a combat takes place, with words being removed from the loser’s crossword.

Squares on the board represent different types of terrain – plains, forests, mountains, rivers and ice – which have different effects on how words are placed. For instance, mountains provide a defensive bonus during combat, while rivers must be bridged (a word cannot start or end in a river square).

Players start from special city squares and the goal is to win by outscoring an opponent or by capturing their home city. A player scores by adding words to their crossword or defeating words in the opponent’s crossword.

A number of features differentiate this game from others (particularly Scrabble):

  • Connotations: gameplay is influence by the meaning of a word. For instance a word with attacking connotations (e.g., sword) will be more effective in attacking an opponents crossword.
  • Redeployment: words on the board can be lifted and their letters placed elsewhere, allowing players to adapt and reconfigure their crosswords.


Genre: Word, Strategy


Differentiating Features:

  • Turn-based interaction suits a stop-start iPhone gaming style
  • Straddles two less-occupied iPhone genres
  • Potential appeal to non-gamers
  • Relatively simple development with possibility for extensions


Development Team:

  • James Gain [Programming]
  • Patrick Marais [Programming]
  • Stephen Meyer [Art]

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