Scryptic - A Game of Words

Battle your foes with the strength of your wit! In Scryptic, words are your weapons and strategy your friend. Use the game world to flummox your enemies!

Will you immediately go on the offensive, or will you first secure your cities and fortify your word network?

Terrain can either hinder or aid your campaign. To bolster defense, build your word army on mountainous high-ground. Perhaps an enemy seeks to cross a river? Decimate his ranks by invoking a flood! As the campaign unfolds you will encounter obstacles to overcome - ice, water, lava and forests - before engaging the enemy. Careful word play will see you triumphant - burn through forests, or skate lightly over ice.

When words collide, combat is joined! Crush your enemy with a high-scoring attack or redeploy distant words for immediate combat duty.


  • Expand your word army from your home city to conquer your opponent.
  • Unleash the elemental forces of volcanoes, firestorms, droughts and floods with special elemental tokens.
  • The subtleties of connotation. Strengthen your attacks with aggressive words (SWORD!) and your defenses with protective words (SHIELD!).
  • Battle across 21 boards from the Ardessian Plains to the World's Edge.
  • With tutorial, quick-play and longer games.
  • Pass-and-play against another player or strive against the computer.

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Download Scryptic from the Apple iTunes Store or via Gamespot